Allusion Blinds are the future

The future of modern décor seems to be inclusive of allusion blinds. They are best suited to depict a sophisticated and elegant home. If you want a fresh refurbish or you have a new place to decorate from scratch, the blinds are the way to go. If you have huge windows and binding doors, you are best suited to use this option. Many experienced interior décor experts predict that the future of modern household decorations will include allusion blinds.


Allusion blinds are made of a variety of fabrics. The two common choices for your preference are popular around the world. These available options are stunning in beauty and come with a variety of patterns. Most important, which are modern and sophisticated;

  1. Horizon

    Horizon is the most common fabric used today. It is a sheer and textured woven combination available in neutral, calming tones and the cheaper version too

  2. Vista

    Vista fabric is the premium version of allusion blinds. It is a flame retardant fabric, which is known to withstand heat and fire. It comes with a subtle, geo wave and sophisticated sheer for a perfectly safe piece of décor in your household. Even though the fabric is quite costly, it is worth the price because it offers security, which is guaranteed.

The Features
  • No restriction to outside space as you can walk through the blinds when opened
  • The soft flowing vanes have the ability to filter daylight while retaining the view when opened.
  • Flame resistant fabric to stop fires and maximize escape time in case of a fire
  • A wide range of color and pattern options to choose from
  • Completely opaque for maximum privacy and security when closed
  • Child safe design to enhance the safety of toddlers and pets